Fertility Massage and Pregnancy Massage

Creating Optimal Conditions for Conception and Comfort



I'm so glad you're considering massage as part of your journey to conception, or as a valuable aspect of comfort and self-care during pregnancy! Massage is great preventative health care, and even more valuable as you prepare yourself  to take on this new role.

These times of pre-conception and pregnancy are essential times for self-care! 



My name is Barbara Hanneloré, and I provide Fertility Massage and Pregnancy Massage in the Santa Barbara area, for women who want this additional way to support the mind and body. 

Fertility Massage is a lesser known modality - it is a way of preparing for pregnancy by helping the body to optimize its chances for conception. It is a combination of specific techniques developed by Claire Marie Miller, founder of Nurturing the Mother™ Fertility Massage. 

These techniques have been used since 1984 with great success; many of the women receiving Fertility Massage have achieved pregnancy, sometimes against great odds.

Fertility Massage is appropriate for women preparing their bodies to conceive,  women actively trying to conceive, as well as women who are using Assisted Reproductive Technology.

This Holistic approach actually supports and enhances medical procedures, by strengthening the body and imagination toward a more optimal level of health.

I also offer a "Couple's Consultation for Male Fertility" which is addressed on the Questions page of this website.


I offer Fertility Massage and Pregnancy Massage

in the Santa Barbara area. 

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